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Single Origin

Featuring several different regional coffees, we offer single origin coffees from Brazil, Mexico, Colombian, Ecuador, Vietnam, and more.  Each lot a reliable  wealth of subtle flavors and notes.


All of our manufacturers have extensive quality control systems in place and fully documented using NO fillers, as do others. Our Robusta/Arabica blends are consistant, as are our single origin 100% Arabica produts. 

At Trade Logistics, our goal is to offer reliable bulk instant soluble coffee products to our clients from selected regions from around the globe. We believe it is best to use our bulk buying power, to bring you the competitative edge you need whether it be for your established blends, or for new product development. We have them all!   An extensive selection of flavor profiles to suit your product needs. 

Not just INSTANT COFFEE...Relibale COFFEE! 


Staten Island, New York