About Us

Trade Logistics is a dealer / broker for Bulk Instant Soluble Coffee only!

We focus our efforts to supply the U.S. North American marketplace from: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, India, and other origins.

Trade Logistics CoffeeWe offer U.S. domestic stocks of product serving clients for any order size calling for immediate and/or forward delivery, under contract.

We equally focus our business on the small to medium sized user of bulk Instant coffee products for product development.

We offer full container load sea-container quantities of product from origin port, to all International seaports on offer basis of; FOB origin, C&F port of final destination, and CIF port of destination.

ALL at very competitive pricing!

Please call us at: 718-667-6945 or email with any questions you may have as we would be happy to help make you more competitive in your business.

Our Coffee

Bulk Instant Coffee

Trade Logistics CoffeeAs a worldwide selling agent/broker, we offer DOMESTIC U.S. & INTERNATIONAL sales of the following quality products:

  • Most common packing; 25 kilo, 45 kilo, and 50 kilo carton bulk packing.
  • Full containers (20', 40' and 40hc) are available to most worldwide destinations.

We offer on terms of: Ex-Warehouse U.S locations, Delivered to buyers facility, FOB origin, C&F and CIF foreign seaport.

Some of the bulk instant coffee products that we offer:

  • Colombian regular spray dried instant coffee
  • Colombian decaffeinated spray dried instant coffee
  • Colombian freeze concentrate instant coffee
  • Colombian regular Freeze dried instant coffee
  • Colombian freeze dried decaffeinated instant coffee
  • Brazilian spray dried dark roast instant coffee
  • Brazilian spray dried decaffeinated instant coffee
  • Brazilian spray dried regular Instant coffee
  • Brazilian freeze dried regular instant coffee
  • Brazilian freeze decaffeinated instant coffee
  • Brazilian Agglomerated soluble coffee
  • Mexican spray dried regular instant coffee
  • Mexican Agglomerated soluble coffee
  • Indian spray dried Instant coffee
  • Ecuador spray dried Instant coffee
  • And more!

All Products Are Fully Documented and Kosher Certified Product Specifictions, Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, Nutritional Statement, GMO Statement, Kosher Certificate, and Others. Popular Colombian & Brazilian spray dried regular instant coffees:


International business is a 24/7 commitment.
We understand that!

We are available to serve you from the following location:

Trade Logistics and Consulting International Inc.
Staten Island, New York 10306-1703, USA